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veda active centella asiática

Veda active and the Ayurveda
The word ayurveda has its root in two Sanskrit words: Ayur, "Ayuso" which means longevity and Veda, "ved or veda" which means science and ayurveda is the science of rejuvenation and restoration of health.

It is regarded as a genuine system of life to promote health and has its origins in India over 5,000 years ago. The Ayurvedic pharmacopoeia contains over 5,000 different formulations that have been developed over millennia.

VEDA ACTIVE is a line of plant extracts based on the ancient Ayurvedic medicine but with today’s technology. Extracts with extreme purity in active ingredients.

Composition and molecular structure
The main active of Centella asiatica are triterpenic saponins. The main saponins are asiaticoside and madecassoside that range from 1 to 8%, as well as tannins, vegetable oils, phytosterols, ...

According to the Royal Spanish Pharmacopoeia, Centella asiatica must contain not less than 6% of total triterpenic derivatives expressed as asiaticoside, and calculated from the dried drug.


Mechanism of action
• Centella asiatica acts on fibroblasts connective tissue, both in the vascular walls and around the vessel, modulating the synthesis of collagen. 

• It increases the tensile strength of the skin promoting a healing action.
• It inhibits the inflammatory process that could lead to hypertrophy in scars and improves capillary permeability.
• It inhibits keratinocytes proliferation.


Several studies show re-epithelializating and healing actions of Centella asiatica in oral and topical administration of the extract in a wound in skin’s rat.

The results showed that Centella asiatica intervenes in wound repair phases.

Applying Centella asiatica is based on its regenerative capacity. It has different applications:
• Healing: improves wounds and burns healing through in vitro stimulation of collagen production, key protein in wound healing. Moreover, it stimulates fibroblasts activation, thus has a re-epithelizating action.
• Psoriasis and as a preventive in the formation of keloid scars by inhibiting the keratinocytes proliferation.
• Tired Legs.

Inci name: Centella asiatica extract
Purity: Asian 34.0% to 44.0% / Genin 54.0% to 66.0%
Dosage: 0.1 to 0.5%