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veda active andrographis

Veda active and the Ayurveda
The word ayurveda has its root in two Sanskrit words: Ayur, "Ayuso" which means longevity and Veda, "ved or veda" which means science and ayurveda is the science of rejuvenation and restoration of health.

It is regarded as a genuine system of life to promote health and has its origins in India over 5,000 years ago. The Ayurvedic pharmacopoeia contains over 5,000 different formulations that have been developed over millennia.

VEDA ACTIVE is a line of plant extracts based on the ancient Ayurvedic medicine but with today’s technology. Extracts with extreme purity in active ingredients.

Composition and molecular structure
The main active of Andrographis are andrographolides, besides flavonoids and glycosides.

Andrographolides belong to the group of diterpenic lactones with ring structure. They are concentrated on the stems and leaves and they have a bitter flavor.


Mechanism of action
It has various activities, such as:
• Depigmenting, through inhibition of endothelin-1 (precursor to the formation of melanin).

• Anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant, when the inmune system needs it.


Andrographis decreases oxidative stress, the inflammatory reaction and the synthesis of endothelin. The chart shows how influences andrographis at 0.001% in the synthesis of ET-1 by the keratinocytes, exposed and not exposed to UV-B radiation.

• Depigmenting products.
• Immunocosmetic. It is a new concept based on the regulation of skin’s immune system, and is therefore considered as an adaptogen.

In-vitro, andrographis decreases the synthesis of endothelin-1 expression in keratinocytes irradiated and non-irradiated with UVB.

Inci name: Andrographis paniculata extract
Purity: 95% andrographolides
Dosage: 0.1%